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Student Devices Upgrade

Thanks to our community’s continued generous support of the Technology Levy, our Technology Team is preparing to issue new laptop equipment as part of the existing 1 to 1 program. During the spring, several grades of students will exchange their aging devices for new ones. Other grade levels will exchange their devices next fall. The goal is to have all students in grades 6-12 equipped with new machines by the fall of 2023 (Note: 9th graders in the Class of 2027 received a new device in the fall of 2022).  From there, a rotating schedule will be in place to ensure students are using updated devices during their education journey in Snoqualmie Valley. 

Based on a specific schedule, students will receive a brand new HP Pro Fortis x360 G10 to replace older models that have been in use since 2019. These new devices have a better processor, more memory, and other components to enhance your student’s digital learning experience.


When your student exchanges their equipment, they will need their current device and accessories. This includes the district laptop itself, a power adapter, and a stylus. We understand that some items may have been misplaced or lost since your student checked out the device. Families may purchase any missing accessories at their student’s library.

Device Exchange Schedule

Grade Level

Expected Upgrade


March 9-10


March 16-17

Other Grades



Replacement Item Costs

Issued Item

Cost to Replace



Power Adapter