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Financial Aid Information


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Financial Aid Resources

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Federal Student Aid: Comparing Offers
Helpful Videos on Financial Aid 
What Financial Aid is Available for Washington State Students? 
Why Should I Continue my Education After High School?
Pop-Up Webinar: Understanding & Comparing Financial Aid Award Letters from Better Make Room

All students should complete the FAFSA

Financial Aid is not solely based on family income. The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is used to award:

  • Federal and non-federal student aid,
  • Financial aid, student loans, and scholarships,
  • Need-based and merit-based scholarships,
  • By all types of post-secondary educational institutions
    • Trade schools
    • Technical colleges
    • 2-year colleges
    • 4-year colleges

FAFSA Information

The FAFSA opens December.  The exact date is still to be determined.


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