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Online Summer Program

The MSHS Online Summer Program is a 6-week-long, 100% online program that provides the opportunity for current high school students to earn .5 high school credit or recover up to 1.0 high school credit and incoming Freshmen to earn .5 high school credit of Health or PE.

  • All summer school courses are asynchronous online courses.
  • Students work independently from home or wherever they have access to the internet .
  • Students will choose two dates to come into the classroom to have a midway and final exam proctored. Testing dates and information on how to sign up will be sent via email.
  • Students can expect to spend a minimum of 10 - 20 hours per course per week in order to complete the full semester course (typically 18 weeks of curriculum).

Each online course has a contracted Washington state certificated teacher (not MSHS staff) in addition to support and monitoring by the MSHS online learning coordinator. Students are encouraged to connect with the online teacher each week. Ways to connect with the online teacher include email, phone/office hours, class connect & live lessons. Students, as well as the parent/guardian, will receive a weekly progress report from the online learning coordinator.

Enrollment Forms

Incoming Freshman Online Enrollment Form

Students who will be freshmen for the 2024-25 school year, please complete this form. 

Incoming soph.-Senior Online Enrollment Form

Students who will be sophomores, juniors or seniors for the 2024-25 school year, please complete this form. 


Kim Schniegenberg
(425) 831-8049

MSHS Room 1205

$350 - Credit Recovery
$400 - Credit Enhancement

Important Dates

Opens - May 20
Closes -June 28

Start - July 1
Ends - August 9

Monday, July 1

Getting Started

  1. Complete online enrollment form.
  2. Provide online payment.
  3. Attend Summer Program Orientation

Diagnostic Online Credit Recovery

Current high school students may take diagnostic credit recovery courses for the opportunity to earn credit for previously failed high school courses. Students will earn a pass or fail upon completion of the course.

Prerequisite: F grade earned from the full like course* previously taken in person or online. *Limited to course list. Honors and AP courses are not available.

  • The curriculum is tailored to students who need extra help to master content by using simplified explanations, interactive lessons with narrated audio clips, and vocabulary links.
  • Students can work online at their own pace, repeating or proceeding quickly through lessons as needed.
  • Built-in tools—like text-to-speech and translation support for 65+ languages—offer additional support for struggling students, English learners, and students with special needs.
  • Unit or module-level assessments measure mastery of critical concepts and release content in accordance with the individual needs of the student.

Students may repeat a failed semester (.5) course. Limit two.  Course work adjusts based on knowledge test results at the beginning of each unit Course 

Course Options


Language Arts 


Health & PE 

Social Studies 

Algebra 1 & 2 A/B 

English 9, 10, 11, & 12 A/B 

Physical Science A/B 

Contemporary Health 



Lifetime Fitness

  Chemistry A/B 

US History

Earth Science A/B  World History A/B 

Standard Online Credit Enhancement 

Current High school students who are extremely self-directed may take one online course to get ahead. Please note that the course list is limited to electives and a few core courses. Incoming Freshmen who are extremely self-directed and motivated may take either Contemporary Health or PE to get ahead. This option is available to students who are interested in:

  • Access to a course not offered at MSHS/RS
  • Alternative environment
  • Core 24 credit deficient
  • Grade improvement* - repeating a previously completed course to improve GPA
  • Graduation requirement
  • Pathway acceleration
  • Schedule conflict

Students may take a semester (.5) course. Limit 1 

Course Options



Limited Core Courses

Contemporary Health 

Fine Art & Occ Ed Electives 


Flexibility Training (.5) 

General Electives*

Contemp World Issues 

Lifetime Fitness (.5) 

  Geometry A/B 

Strength Training (.5) 

General Electives
Criminology A/B, Gothic Literature: Monster Stories, Expository Reading & Writing A/B, Mythology & Folklore, Financial Education (Personal Finance), Journalism 1 A/B, Public Speaking A/B, Intro to Communication & Speech, Sports & Entertainment Marketing. International Business:  Global Commerce in the 21st Century, Cybersecurity 1 A/B, Visual Arts (Combination of Art History + Intro to Art), Fashion Design, Interior Design, Digital Photography 1 A/B, Digital Photography 2 , Intro To Computer Science

(Course selection must be counselor approved.)

Online Summer Program Information