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Student Resources

Password Help

Check for a "Welcome Email" that includes student and parent usernames and passwords.  Most usernames and passwords follow this format:

Username:  last name first initial (no spaces)
Password:   six digit student ID followed by first initial capitalized and last initial lower case

  • Example Student and ID:  Wild Cat 123456
  • Example Username:  catw
  • Example Password:  123456Wc

Technology Issues

Accessing Courses:

1. Go To:

2. Click on a course listed in your Dashboard.  *Note: Fitness Courses must be clicked on separately to access.*

3. Click on the BLUE CIRCLE to access your course.  DO NOT click on NEXT ACTIVITY.

4. You will now see your entire course.  You can scroll through the Course Map to see due dates.  Click on the clue bar in each section for Guided Notes (when available).