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How Does it Work

Imagine Learning (Imagine Edgenuity) provides accredited curriculum, Washington State certified, highly-qualified teachers and instruction for online students.  Your counselor will help you integrate online courses into your academic plan in order to achieve your goal of earning a high school diploma from Mount Si High School.

Student Expectations:

Adhere to the responsibilities outlined in the SVSD Online Learning Agreement (OLA). 

View the online provider orientation video (imbedded in the course).  Students will be enrolled in the appropriate course(s) and must watch the class orientation video prior to proceeding with the course content.

Make acceptable progress each week toward course completion.  All online courses are asynchronous - meaning students may work ahead and there is no penalty for late work.  Most online courses will require at minimum 300 minutes per week.  Some world language and all AP courses will require more time.

  • 0 period attendance will be taken daily.  In order to be marked "present" each day, students are required to log into the online course and make progress each week (submit assignments) by following the course recommended pacing or target due dates.
  • 1-7 period attendance will be taken daily at the beginning of each period.

Complete the Weekly Progress Check in person or by phone/email.  Students taking their online course during the 7 period day will engage in a Weekly Progress check in person each week.  Students taking 0 period will complete a weekly Progress Check via phone or email.

Have two tests proctored by the online mentor in the online classroom.  The two tests include a midterm/midway unit test and the last unit test/semester exam. Transportation to Mount Si High School for testing or conferencing is the student’s responsibility.

Meet all in-person requirements of the online learning program.  These requirements will vary depending on program and course(s) being taken.

Complete all graduation requirements. Satisfactory completion of all Snoqualmie Valley School District credit requirements, the High School and Beyond Culminating Project and any additional state requirements (including but not limited to state testing) will earn online students a Mount Si High School diploma. 


Still Have Questions?

Please contact the Online Learning Coordinator, Kim Schniegenberg

Course Materials
Some online courses require materials.  It is the student's responsibility to acquire all necessary materials.  Don't forget to check with the MSHS library for any needed books/textbooks.

Student athletes are responsible for determining if the online course meets NCAA college admission requirements.  Core courses are not NCAA approved.

Grading & Progress
Students taking standard online courses will earn a letter grade according to the MSHS grading scale. Students taking diagnostic credit recovery will earn a Pass* or Fail. Grades are not visible in Skyward and will be posted directly to the transcript at the end of each school term. Parents/guardians will be able to monitor their student's progress through the online vendor (Peak/FuelEd or Pearson Connexus).  *NOTE:  posted grades are never removed from the HS transcript, however credits attempted will be adjusted accordingly.

Course Withdrawal|
Please review the MSHS Mid-Semester Drop Policy.  A fee of up to $400 will be charged for each dropped online course.

Success Plan
Students who do not follow all requirements of the online learning agreement or all online program guidelines may be placed on an intervention plan for success, are at risk of being dropped from the course, and/or may be asked to return to campus if taking the course from home.