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Get Started - Enrollment

Fall Online Program Enrollment Window
Enrollment opens Monday, August 21, 2023
Enrollment closes Friday, September 15, 2023 @ 4pm

Fall Semester Dates
Classes start Tuesday, August 29, 2023
Classes end Friday, January 12, 2023*

Spring Online Program Enrollment Window
Enrollment opens Monday, January 8, 2024
Enrollment closes Friday, February 9, 2024 @ 4pm

Spring Semester Dates
Classes start Tuesday, January 29, 2024
Classes end Friday, June 6, 2024 for (for SENIORS) - OR - June 13, 2024 (for UNDERCLASSMEN) *

*Please note that the online semester ends 1 week early to allow time for the online teachers to grade out.


Contact your counselor to discuss the online learning program. Determine if the online program is a good fit for your academic needs and decide which online course(s) to add to your schedule. 


Complete the online enrollment form for the following programs.  

Online Learning Enrollment Form

Choose your course(s) for THE CURRENT semester ONLY.

  • Blended Schedule (0-7 period at MSHS)
  • Credit Enhancement (0 period in addition to your 7 period day) or
  • Running Start Credit Enhancement (0 period in addition to your full time running start schedule - 10+ credits) 


Complete the SVSD Online Learning Agreement with your parent/guardian.  Be sure to read and initial each section & don't forget to sign the bottom. 


STEP 4:  Pay any applicable course fees using the SVSD Online Payment System  

  • Log in
  • Click on your student's name
  • Click on Items at Student's School
  • Click on Online Courses
  • Click the Buy button next to the correct courses/fee type:
    • Credit Enhancement - taking an extra class 0 period in addition to your 7 period day
      • $400 per semester course (taking this class for the first time)
    • Credit Recovery - taking and extra class 0 period in addition to your 7 period day.
      • $350 per semester course (retaking a previously failed class)
    • 0 Period (limit 1 course) - $350 for Credit Recovery semester courses or $400 per Credit Enhancement semester courses
  • Check out
  • Print or save a copy of your receipt


STEP 5:  Provide a copy of your signed Online Learning Agreement to the online coordinator in person or by email.  Your enrollment will not be processed until this form has been received by the Online Learning Coordinator.

Once steps 1-5 have been completed, you will be preregistered in your online course(s).  This process can take up to one week. 

All online students and parent/guardians will receive a confirmation "Welcome to the Online Learning Program" email from the Online Learning Coordinator with the information you need to get started in your online course(s) including your course start date.  Please save this email as it contains valuable information for your success in the online program.

*Prices subject to change.  Dates/Times subject to change.

Drop and Extension Information

  • Course Drop and Fail Information

    As soon as a student is enrolled in an online course, our service provider contracts a teacher and the seat is billed.  If a student drops or fails an online course, a fee of up to $400* is applied to the student's account. 

    • Please review the MSHS Mid-Semester Drop Policy.
    • A student who fails an online course will receive an "F" grade on their transcript and are no longer eligible to participate in the Online Learning Program. 

    Course Extension Information

    A Student may request one extension per course.  The request must be received before the course has closed.  The course must be at least 75% complete for the extension to be granted.  There are no extensions for summer school.

    • Cost:  $40*
    • Extension Length:  1 week (the week immediately following your course end date)

Still have questions?

Please contact the MSHS Online Learning Program Coordinator,