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Online Program Overview

Snoqualmie Valley School District offers a variety of online education options for high school students. The Mount Si High School (MSHS) Online Learning Program has partnered with Imagine Learning (Edgenuity) to offer a fully-accredited program, approved by OSPI, that allows students to take one or more high school classes online and graduate with a Mount Si High School diploma.

The MSHS Online Learning Program is designed for high school students who are interested in taking online courses during their scheduled school day here at MSHS or in addition to their MSHS/Running Start (RS) schedule at home during 0 period.  Students may choose this program for pathway acceleration, credit enhancement, credit recovery, graduation requirement/core 24, alternate environment, schedule conflict and/or access to courses not offered at their campus.

Online Program Schedule








SEMESTER 1 - Fall 2022

Start:  August 29, 2023

End:  January 12, 2024

Open:  August 21, 2023

Close:  September 15, 2023

SEMESTER 2 - Spring 2024

Start:  January 23, 2024
End:  June 11, 2024 (Seniors)
End:  June 18, 2024 (9, 10 & 11th)

Open:  January 8, 2024

Close:  February 2, 2024


Online Course Information

Online courses available through our program are offered by the following accredited provider:

  • Imagine Learning (Edgenuity)  |  Course Guide
    Limited AP and Honors Courses, Credit Recovery, World Language, Core Courses, Electives and Summer School

Online courses are asynchronous - meaning that students can work ahead and there is no penalty for late work - and offer the following supports:

  • Certificated Online Teacher - Online teachers are contractors, not MSHS staff: connect via email, phone/office hours, Class Connect (virtual meeting) & Weekly Live Lessons
  • MSHS Mentor is available for in-person or virtual support.
  • Embedded tools and accommodations might include digital note taking, read-aloud options, dictionary support & translation.
  • Progress Tracker and target due dates or course pacing guide tool to help you complete your course on time.

Online Program Options

Blended Schedule

Credit Enhancement

Diagnostic Credit Recovery

Online Summer Program

Still have questions?

Please contact the MSHS Online Learning Coordinator, Kim Schniegenberg