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1:1 Device Troubleshooting

One-to-One Device Troubleshooting FAQ'S

Stylus and Charging Cord Issues

As per page 3 of the One-to-One Device Student and Parent Handbook, MSHS does not replace components that are lost, broken or damaged.  

Replacement items are available for purchase in the LIBRARY (pay online or at the finance window).

  • Before School
  • During All Lunches
  • After School

Replacement Item Costs (Taxes are charged and included in the costs below)

  • Acer Charger/Adapter- $17.40
  • Acer Stylus- $42.40
  • Acer One-to-One Device Laptop- $293.50

Having Technical Issue with Your One-to-One Device?

Before contacting the Media Center, please make sure:

  • Device is completely charged and green light on front of device is lit.
  • You have logged out of all apps and programs and you shut the device down.
  • Reboot to see if this has rectified the problem. (remember this can take up to 10 minutes to update.  Don't touch it!  Let it do it's thing.) 
  • Stylus issues, check the battery first.

IF PROBLEM IS STILL NOT RESOLVED,  Please contact Library ParaEducator, Megan Maxwell at

New Student Device Video

Please watch the video in the link above for helpful tips on how to use your new HP device!

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