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EWU College in the High School

Welcome to Eastern Washington University in the High School. EWUHS allows students to take EWU courses at MSHS and the following courses are approved EWUHS courses:

MSHS Course/College Course College Issuing Credit College Credits Earned Course Duration College Fee*
AP EUROPEAN HISTORY/EWU HISTORY 105 & 106 Eastern Washington University 10 Year $325
AP US HISTORY/EWU HISTORY 110 Eastern Washington University 5 Year $325
AP WORLD HISTORY/EWU HISTORY 102 & 103 Eastern Washington University 10 Year $325
CURRENT WORLD PROBLEMS/EWU INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS 200 Eastern Washington University 4 Semester $260


As a part of the College in the High School experience, students must register through the University in order to receive University credit for the course. Students must complete the following activities in order to register for the course:

  • Orientation                      Power Hour Meeting and can be completed online through EWU on Canvas
  • Application                      Completed in Class
  • Payment Contracts         Payment Contracts are completed at home, with accompanied Parent Signatures, and are binding EWU  Agreements                    
  • Registration                     Registration confirmation will take place with the teacher and is done in class

 Students living more than 20 miles from a college or University are eligible for grants through the State of Washington. If your enrollment address qualifies (address of record from Skyward), the course teacher will inform your student. The state of Washington iGrant allows students to take 10 credits per year at no charge to the family.

If you have any questions regarding College in the High School, please contact your student’s teacher.