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Counseling Center



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Administrative Assistant :
Amy Bush
Phone: 425.831.8150
Fax: 425.831.8223

School Counselors

Assigned to student by last name, with the exception of full time Running Start.  

Full Time Running Start: Stacey Zachau
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A - Cl: Rick Dempsey
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Co - G: Christian McKone
Email | Book an Appointment

H - La: Steve Crane
|Email | Book an Appointment 

Le - Pa: Carissa Thomas/Long Term Sub Heather Kitterman 
Email | Book an Appointment 

Pe - Sm: Elaine Maimon
Email | Book an Appointment

Sn - Z: Sloan Westerman
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Career Center

Administrative Assistant
Julie Silverman
Phone: 425-831-0232

Career Center 
: Stacey Zachau
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Amy Pangborn
Michelle Larson


Our mission is to foster academic growth, enhance personal social development and increase knowledge in the areas of college, career and citizenship.  In collaboration with other educators, parents/guardians and the community, we seek to build on student strengths and provide support so that each student will flourish and lead a successful life.  

Support and Services

  • School Counseling Core Curriculum: classroom instruction and group activities that promote academic, career, and social/emotional development
  • Individual Student Planning: activities that assist students in establishing personal goals and developing future plans
  • Responsive Services: activities that meet the immediate needs and concerns of students via individual or small-group counseling, crisis response, consultation/collaboration, or referrals
  • System Support: schoolwide program planning and activities that establish, maintain, and enhance the counseling program