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Advanced Placement Exams

All AP students need to have a College Board account.  Then go to, with a join code from their teacher, and join the class section online for their AP course. 

Registration Process

  • Login at using your College Board student account login.
  • Select “Register for Test”
    • Enter “join code” and confirm class. 
    • If you want to take the test, click the box to “confirm” testing
    • If you do not want to take the test, click the box stating “no”

By default, your AP Test request is registered as “Yes”.  You need to confirm “Yes” if you want to take the test, or “No” if you do not want to take the test. 

Registering for Exams Deadlines

  • Registering for exams will be done online in your AP classes.  The ordering and $40 deposit deadline is Monday, Oct. 30 at 11:59 PM. 
  • Late orders have a $40.00 per exam fee (total of $147.00 per exam).  No additional orders accepted after March 15.

Exam Costs

  • Fee per AP exam remains at $108.00
  • Other costs:
    • $40.00 fee for ordering tests after the Nov. 1st deadline.
    • $40.00 fee for cancelling an ordered test.


  • Payments are made through your high school account
    • Select “Online Payments” and sign in
    • Select “Items at student’s school”
    • Select the tab for AP Testing
      • You should find an AP payment selection for AP Test Deposit ($40.00). 
      • The deposit payment must be paid for each test you register by Monday, Oct. 30.
      • Registered tests that do not have the initial deposit paid risk cancellation.
    • After the deadline, a fee to cover the remaining $68.00 per exam will be placed in the students account if they have registered and paid the AP Test Deposit.

Requesting financial Assistance

  • Fee waivers are provided for all students who are currently on the free/reduced lunch program, contact Mr. Dempsey for details.
  • Other students requesting financial assistance, please contact Mr. Rick Dempsey
  • All fee waivers and financial assistance must be secured before making any test payments.